Digging for Worms

A regionally popular term for varicose vein surgery
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The appearance of a few blades of green grass and a red-breasted robin digging for worms let me know spring had arrived.
Nine-year-old Tiffany Felix said her favorite part about the entire field trip was digging for worms in the compost pile.
Digging for worms helps the children get their hands messy and it's fun."
Much like digging for worms in the garden, this could be one game that the vast majority of players have simply grown out of.
Name: Lou Lou Age: Two Owner: Elizabeth Robinson Lou Lou loves to sit on the spade handle when we're digging for worms.
FLAGSTAFF, Ariz -- A 9-year-old boy digging for worms in northern Arizona found a gun buried near his home.
Holly said: "I like finding centipedes with the magnifying glass and digging for worms."
The traditional "public enemy number one" for gardeners appears to have thrived during the festive cold snap and is enjoying the current wet and warm conditions that are ideal for digging for worms.
Besides, for most youngsters, digging for worms is almost as much fun as fishing.
The weather is four seasons in five minutes but the kids still go digging for worms and build dams in the burn.
Officer for South and West Wales Wildlife Trust Robert Parry said: 'The soil has been so hard, digging for worms has been almost impossible so badgers have looked for other sources of food.'
Cox, SWCS executive director, digging for worms in the Coshocton experimental watershed.