Diffusion of Responsibility

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The tendency for persons in a group to fail to act—e.g., in an emergency—because others are present, and the responsibility for acting is diffused, causing a bystander effect
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But there may well have been other factors at play beside diffusion of responsibility.
The diffusion of responsibility among the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Food and Drug Administration, the Surgeon General and Public Health Service, the military, and NIH creates this ambiguity.
It is also widely believed that a diffusion of responsibility and an overlap of power within the SP is another reason behind Mulayam's helplessness.
It follows from the defense's argument that none of the indicted combatants may reasonably bear responsibility for this war's horror due to the diffusion of responsibility and the inability for any international body to properly adjudicate it.
Members of groups also can be subject to a diffusion of responsibility, where roles and responsibilities become blurry and individual accountability becomes diluted.
Diffusion of responsibility is a characteristic of groups that also can have an impact on organizational silence.
One of the most vivid recent examples of diffusion of responsibility occurred at the WTO conference in Seattle.
Another set of justifications for torture employed a more generalized diffusion of responsibility argument.
The zoo has faced criticism for years by animal rights groups about deteriorating and unsafe conditions, and many city officials blamed the problems on the diffusion of responsibility for the facility.
It meant not only diffusion of responsibility from "the mother" to all adults in the world of babysitters and complex families; there was a practical recognition that children, especially in multi-child families, could not be watched all the time.
This diffusion of responsibility raises the specter of companies wrestling with as many as 50 different sets of administrative rules, increased government bureaucracy and increased costs of corporate compliance.
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