diffusion tensor imaging

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diffusion tensor imaging

Abbreviation: DTI
An imaging technique in magnetic resonance imaging to identify the unique directional movement of molecules, esp. water molecules, along muscle and neural tracts. One of its uses is to identify the linkages and structures of white matter tracts in the brain.
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Diffusion tensor imaging (DTI)

A refinement of magnetic resonance imaging that allows the doctor to measure the flow of water and track the pathways of white matter in the brain. DTI is able to detect abnormalities in the brain that do not show up on standard MRI scans.
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Bony metastases: Assessing response to therapy with whole-body diffusion MRI.
This thorough check includes symptom analysis, PSA tests, urodynamic flow tests, urine PCA-3, prostate ultrasound and biopsy, Diffusion MRI of the prostate and the new technique of MRI guided template perineal prostate biopsies.
Pipeline analysis: Comprehensive data split across different field strengths, emerging trends and system designs in development, including investigation of open-MRI technology, pre-polarizing systems, cardiac MRI, multiparametric MRI, and diffusion MRI.
We present a case of severe toxoplasma encephalitis in an immunocompetent individual diagnosed by brain biopsy, and discuss the lesion patterns on conventional and diffusion MRI.
MRI market by magnet type - Closed MRI systems, Open MRI systems MRI market by field strength - High field MRI systems, Medium field MRI systems, Low field MRI systems MRI market by technologies - MR Angiogram, MR Venogram, Functional MRI, NMR Spectroscopy, Others (Perfusion MRI, Diffusion MRI, Voxel-Based Morphometry, MR Spectroscopic Imaging) MRI market by application - Whole Body MRI, Interventional MRI, MRI for Brain and Neurological Disorders, Breast MRI, Cardiac MRI, Others MRI market by geography - The MRI market is analyzed on the basis of major geographies such as North America, Europe, Asia and ROW.
Studying connections in the living human brain with diffusion MRI.
They have revealed that the testing methods included two different MRI scanning techniques: perfusion MRI, which measures blood flow in the brain, and diffusion MRI, which measures the movement of water molecules in tissue.
An exciting topic was the growth of diffusion MRI as an alternative to the huge expense of PET-CT.
Le Bihan's MRI scanners were tuned to detect water molecules as they moved across the membrane that surrounds brain cells, a technique called diffusion MRI.

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