interstitial lung disease

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interstitial lung disease

Diffuse interstitial pulmonary fibrosis Pulmonology A group of disorders characterized by scarring of deep lung tissue, leading to SOB and loss of functional alveoli, limiting O2 exchange; ILD is more common in smokers Etiology Inorganic and organic dusts, gases, fumes, vapors, medications, radiation, and certain lung infections, hypersensitivity pneumonitis, coal worker's pneumoconiosis, silicosis, byssinosis, idiopathic
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Interstitial lung disease

About 180 diseases fall into this category of breathing disorders. Injury or foreign substances in the lungs (such as asbestos fibers) as well as infections, cancers, or inherited disorders may cause the diseases. They can lead to breathing or heart failure.
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There are arguments in the literature about whether chronic microaspiration can lead to diffuse interstitial fibrosis, but at this point, that theory is purely conjecture, and a biopsy showing peribronchiolar fibrosis with bridging or a UIP-like pattern with peribronchiolar fibrosis is probably not caused by microaspiration.
Diffuse fibrosing alveolitis (diffuse interstitial fibrosis of the lung): correlation of histology at biopsy with prognosis.
Inhalational talc has been associated with histological patterns of diffuse interstitial fibrosis, nodular fibrosis, and foreign body granulomatosis [2].
However in non-ischemic dilated cardiomyopathy, usually diffuse interstitial fibrosis is observed and since it is hard to find a nonfibrotic reference point in myocardium at a diffuse fibrosis back-ground the implementation of delayed enhancement CMR is limited (7).
Honma and Chiyotani (1993) described diffuse interstitial fibrosis (DIF) among workers with a variety of occupations (rock driller, stone mason, metal miner, tunneler, construction worker).
(5) Most of the other dusts that produce this type of bronchiolar pathology do not produce diffuse interstitial fibrosis. Hence, this rationale is by no means limited to asbestos-induced fibrosis and suggests that bronchiolar disease and interstitial fibrosis are completely separate processes.
2 patients (66%) had bilateral diffuse interstitial fibrosis. 1(33%) patient had bilateral lower lobe traction bronchiectasis.
Chronic diffuse interstitial fibrosis of the lung in uranium miners.
"Diffuse interstitial fibrosis with occasional subpleural intralobular cystic spaces.
(3,4) The 1997 Helsinki criteria incorporated these findings into more evidence-based criteria for the diagnosis of asbestosis, requiring (1) diffuse interstitial fibrosis and (2) 2 or more asbestos bodies within a section area of 1 [cm.sup.2] or a count of uncoated asbestos fibers that falls into the range recorded by the same laboratory for asbestosis.

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