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(1986) A FORTAN package for generalized cross-validatory spline smoothing and differentation. Advances in Engineering Software 8(2), 104-113.
And for good reason: There will De more differentation or financing costs between governments and companies.
Corrosive differentation of SRB isolated from injection waters used in secondary crude oil recovery
(72) We might then expect social and political differentation in a small town like Loughborough as in any other social entity.
The first part was Board Orientation which included an overview of WNA's programs, role and responsibility of the Board, clarification of reporting activities, access to online reports of Board materials, and differentation between role of Board and WNA staff.
Retailers benefit from on-shelf differentation and easy handling during the shelf-stocking process.
Differentation of the risk factors in agreement with the level of physical activity // 11th Annual Congress of the European College of Sport Science.
Involvement of p53 in cell differentation and development.
SIS is in the business of supplying and broadcasting content - and more bookmakers requiring increasingly radical differentation from rivals sounds like big bucks potential to me.
Imipenem-EDTA disk method for differentation of metallo-[beta]-lactamase producing clinical isolates of Pseudomonas spp.

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