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Józef, Polish physician, 1804-1878. See: Dietl crisis.
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Dr Olga Kombeiz and Dr Erik Dietl, experts in human resource management and organisational behaviour in the School of Business and Economics, hope their latest research findings will contribute to the design of better and fairer work settings in which first impressions are made.The pair's latest research paper explores how positive feelings associated with lighting conditions in offices relates to judgements of others' warmth - how friendly and trustworthy someone is deemed to be - and competence, which is characterized by intelligence, confidence, and assertiveness.
One of the delights of Dekker's book is his impressive ability to tease out links between the ideas of the Austrian economists and the work of literary figures like Joseph Roth and Hermann Broch, philosophers like Wittgenstein, psychologists like Freud, social critics like Karl Kraus, and medical scientists like Joseph Dietl.
The song, titled Modlitba pro Martu (A Prayer for Marta), was originally written for a television series with a screenplay by Jaroslav Dietl, Pisen pro Rudolfa III.
Similarly, Dietl and Kelley (2006) were unable to use slight differences in drill-hole morphology to distinguish between two predatory species of drills.
Additionally, individual Nike endorsements often function as their own sub-brands (Keller, 1993) which is a critical contribution to the Nike portfolio because when each endorser is already his/her own established and successful brand, the endorsers' teams then are the ones managing these brands; thus, Nike does not need to expend resources in managing such brands (Dietl & Schweizer 2015).
Dietl, "Ferromagnetic semiconductors," Semiconductor Science and Technology, vol.
Jacobsen, a former investigative journalist in finance and political surveillance who has written other books on World War II, draws on previously unpublished material to detail the fighting that led to HitlerAaAaAeAaAaAeAeAas first defeat on the Eastern Front in 1941, when German moun soldiers under the command of General Eduard Dietl set out in the far north of Scandinavia to attack Russia as part of Operation Silberfuchs.
"When the world is talking about IoT and Industry 4.0, we would like to support customers so they can focus on their competencies," says Christian Dietl, CEO of Witron Service.
Dietl A, Cupisti S, Beckmann MW, Schwab M, Zollner U.
Our model builds on former models, which have focused on competitive balance and win percentage (see, e.g., Dietl, Lang, & Werner, 2009; Vrooman, 2008; Szymanski & Kesenne, 2004).
Other early contenders in the mayoral race include former NYPD detective Bo Dietl and State Senator Tony Avella.