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1. Synonym(s): kola
2. [L.] strain (imperative form).


A plural of colon2.
A generic term for a carbonated beverage—commonly called ‘soda’ or ‘pop’—either artificially sweetened with saccharin or aspartame—average < 5 calories—or glucose, fructose—average 170 calories—purchased in cans or bottles or served from a tap
Adverse effects on health—peer-reviewed data: Carbonation is associated with dental erosion, osteoporosis, increased risk of fractures, and kidney stones; the sweeteners are linked to obesity and increased risk of type 2 diabetes


Commission on Office Laboratory Accreditation.


, kola (kō′lă) [W. African kola]
A genus of tropical trees that produce the kola nut. A kola nut extract is used in pharmaceutical preparations and as a main ingredient in some carbonated beverages.
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With research indicating a clear difference between cola and diet cola drinkers, the incorporation of a diet can within the range is expected to capture a wider audience, particularly women.
When providing dietary recommendations for patients with high caries rates who consume cola beverages, clinicians should be cautious in recommending diet cola beverages.
In this paper, we present a statistical study based on a survey of our students to show that Coca-Cola vending machine businesses can improve their customer service and in turn their profits by loading spring water and regular Coca-Cola as replacing Diet Cola.
A diet cola has no chance against apple pie with three scoops
Whether or not a diet COLA ought to be included in a comprehensive budget deal depends upon the same criteria as any other deficit reduction tool: How is the burden of deficit reduction apportioned across society, and will there be collateral effects that are unpalatable?
Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey introduces ready-to-drink Jack and Cola, Jack and Ginger and Jack and Diet Cola in United States.
Don't miss this chance to treat yourself to a FREE 500ml bottle of Coca-Cola or Diet Cola today.
Pass the diet cola CHOICE JUNE 29 neW Wimbledon 2day BBC2, 8.
18 & 19 Diet cola chicken with wedges and slaw, Lamb rogan josh, Mac 'n' cheese
Oaklander says that following an 11-year-long Harvard Medical School study of more than 3,000 women, researchers associated diet cola with a "two-fold increased risk for kidney decline.
Combine 240ml diet cola, 240g ketchup, 60g Worcestershire sauce, 1tsp of hot pepper sauce, 40g chopped onions and 1tsp garlic pure in a heavy saucepan.
30 Drinks 1 glass white wine 1 glass diet cola 1 bottle of J20 1 bottle of water 1 bottle of ginger beer Total: pounds 8 (approx) I'VE always been a fan of Cardiff's Chapter Arts Centre - and not just for its varied programme of cultural events.