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1. Synonym(s): kola
2. [L.] strain (imperative form).
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A plural of colon2.
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A generic term for a carbonated beverage—commonly called ‘soda’ or ‘pop’—either artificially sweetened with saccharin or aspartame—average < 5 calories—or glucose, fructose—average 170 calories—purchased in cans or bottles or served from a tap
Adverse effects on health—peer-reviewed data: Carbonation is associated with dental erosion, osteoporosis, increased risk of fractures, and kidney stones; the sweeteners are linked to obesity and increased risk of type 2 diabetes
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Commission on Office Laboratory Accreditation.


, kola (kō′lă) [W. African kola]
A genus of tropical trees that produce the kola nut. A kola nut extract is used in pharmaceutical preparations and as a main ingredient in some carbonated beverages.
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Tip Try swapping Diet Cola for diet orange for a tasty change.
Leisure manager Andrea Smith set Ellie the challenge of reducing her diet cola intake and increasing her water consumption.
Consumers can add diet cola or other low-calorie mixers for a cocktail that not only tastes good, but is waistline friendly and non-alcoholic.
Dietrich Kohl, who calls himself Diet Cola, thinks he has the winning ticket for the lottery, but he's scheduled to go into the pen for the next little while so breaks into the home of Brody and Carrick Durgin and hides the winning ticket in a vase on their mantle.
Combine diet cola, ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, pepper sauce, onions and garlic pure in a heavy saucepan; gradually bring to a boil over medium heat.
The fulfillment of that promise becomes a harrowing task that involves over-the-top one-dimensional characters like "Diet Cola"--an ex-con with a craving for calorie-free soft drinks--and an Elvis impersonator who is actually named Elvis.
As might be expected given the concern with blood sugar levels, Nielsen uncovered high penetration items, including dietetic candy, sugar substitutes, lemon/line diet soda, diet cola, dry beans, mineral supplements, medications/remedies, gelatin mixes and salad dressing.
To stay awake at night, I love coffee (typical Seattle-ite) and diet cola drinks that are higher in caffeine.
"The results show there's a world of people who cannot deny themselves that hamburger or extra piece of pizza, but probably make themselves feel better by washing it down with a diet cola."
PepsiCo, meanwhile, has announced its own enhanced diet cola. Diet Pepsi Max, rolling out this month, contains ginseng and extra caffeine.