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Johann F., German surgeon, 1792-1847.
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Dieffenbach, in his German translation of the first edition of this Journal.
Mental toughness (MT) is a psychological characteristic that plays a significant role in athletic success (Chen & Cheesman, 2013; Gould, Dieffenbach, & Moffatt, 2002; Weinberg, Butt, & Culp, 2011).
Vimaleswaran KS, Cavadino A, Berry DJ, Jorde R, Dieffenbach AK, Lu C, et al.
This year marks music director Larry Dieffenbach's 23rd year with "American Grands" and 15th as its music director.
The judgments of the district court, including the 444-month total term of imprisonment, are affirmed.<br />Affirmed<br />Full Text<br />[divider]<br />7th Circuit Court of Appeals <br />Case Name: Heather Dieffenbach, et al.
A diminuicao da carga viral em diferentes orgaos e fluidos corporais, mostra-se associada a uma menor transmissao do HIV em pacientes tratados adequadamente (DIEFFENBACH, 2012).
The geologist and naturalist Ernst Dieffenbach (1843, pp.235-238) provided a brief description of the scenery and geology of the harbour and the land to the south of it.
Its efficacy may be hugely affected by the selection of oligonucleotide primers (Dieffenbach et al., 1993).
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