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Roman goddess of the hunt.
Diana complex - the adoption of masculine traits and behavior by a female.
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"Josie Pye will be just like her when she grows up," said Diana. "Josie's mother and Aunt Atossa are cousins, you know.
"Speaking of stories, Diana," remarked Anne, in a significant, confidential tone, "do you know that lately I have been wondering if I could write a short story -- a story that would be good enough to be published?"
"Why, of course you could," said Diana, after she had grasped the amazing suggestion.
Don't mention this to any one, Diana. I haven't told anybody but you and Mr.
Harrison know about it?" demanded Diana scornfully.
She pulled her arm away from Anne, as if in resentment, and ran downstairs, where she was gayer than ever, apparently so much absorbed in bantering her two swains that Diana and Anne felt rather out of it and soon went away.
In the documentary "(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXcDy194lkU) The Diana Story ," Paul Burrell shared details from his conversation with the Princess of Wales.
One commented and wrote that Prince William was "man enough" at that age to carry Princess Diana's purse.
1967 Diana's mother Frances leaves her husband for wallpaper heir Peter Shand Kydd.
'Imagining Diana' by journalist Diane Clehane speculates on what would have happened had Diana survived the fatal car crash.
On Friday, director Oliver Hirschbiegel's controversial feature film "Diana'' opened in the United States.
Diana refused to reveal the exact percentage of Unicharm's holdings, but the newspaper Nikkei reports that Unicharm would hold a 95% stake in the Vietnamese company.