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Roman goddess of the hunt.
Diana complex - the adoption of masculine traits and behavior by a female.
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Unfortunately, Princess Diana and Fayed never made it to the altar.
1986 Diana begins a five-year affair with cavalry officer James Hewitt.
Diana never met her son's wife but Kate Middleton has taken several leaves from the former Princess of Wales's book.
It will be the first time the intimate videos, made while Diana was having voice coaching, will be aired on UK TV.
The filmmakers use the relationship with Khan as the premise for showing Diana as a woman undergoing personal growth, becoming the more confident public face for humanitarian issues such as the victims of landmines.
Diana says the deal will be completed in November and that the founder of Diana Viet Nam will remain involved in business management.
Mr Morton, who developed a close relationship with tragic Diana in the 1990s, said the Princess of Wales would have fitted in more with the Middletons than the House of Windsor.
Diana said that her new role in her first Egyptian drama series will greatly affect her career.
X FACTOR fans are up in arms about Diana Vickers because they hate her "claw-like" left hand.
X FACTOR star Diana Vickers last night pledged her love for boyfriend Chris Jones - and denied cheating on him with fellow finalist Eoghan Quigg.
BACK in England after attending her Swiss finishing school, Diana began a string of nurse maiding and cleaning jobs.