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Roman goddess of the hunt.
Diana complex - the adoption of masculine traits and behavior by a female.
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I haven't so many good features that I could afford to spoil those I have; so, even if I should marry the King of the Cannibal Islands, I promise you I won't turn up my nose at you, Diana.
With another gay laugh the girls separated, Diana to return to Orchard Slope, Anne to walk to the Post Office.
Well, all I hope is you won't talk Diana to death," said Marilla.
San Francisco Ballet's ballet mistress Anita Paciotti remembers Diana as a quiet teenager.
Simone, 49, a psychic energy healer, is said to have upset Diana's sons William and Harry by also claiming Diana had a one-night stand with John F Kennedy Jnr and took cocaine Both allegations have been rejected by friends.
PRINCESS DIANA, THE MUSICAL is the only CD of its kind in the world.
Shortly after Diana's father died her mother tested positive for HIV and she died of Aids in 2002, leaving Diana an orphan at the age of 12.
Lake Nemi, incidentally, was the setting of the Temple of Diana, the bizarre rituals of which inspired Sir James Frazer's classic, The Golden Bough.
An independent source has shown police photographs of several staff members dressing up in clothes belonging to Diana, Princess of Wales," according to a report written by detective chief inspector Maxine de Brunner.
MEMORIAL: A shrine to Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed in Harrod's store, London.
People expect you to be rake thin these days, and yet in Diana Dors' day having a few extra pounds was OK.
And, from essay to essay, the Diana Effect's much-touted "healthy emotionalism" (a cultish insistence on feeling over thought) is - take your pick - dangerously anti-intellectual, an opiumlike distraction from socialism, creepily American, potentially fascist, and/or an uncritical valorization of the most extreme stereotypes of femininity.