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A clock face or instrument resembling a clock face.
[L. dies, day]
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(dī′ăl) [L. dialis, daily, fr. dies, day]
A graduated circular face, similar to a clock face, on which some measurement is indicated by a pointer that moves as the entity being measured (pressure, temperature, or heat) changes.

astigmatic dial

A circular dial with black lines of uniform width drawn as if they were connecting opposing numbers on the face of a clock. It is used in testing for astigmatism.
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The car had 58 on the dashboard, including the dial pad for the telephone, with another six duplicated on the steering wheel.
Nuance makes voice-recognition telecommunications products that let customers check voice messages, stock quotes or airline schedules without using a dial pad.
For more information on AT and referrals, contact: Kennedy Kreiger Institute Phone: (888) 554-2080 (at the message menu, push 1 on the dial pad) Web site: http://www.kennedykrieger.org The Alliance for Technology Access Phone: (415) 455-4575 Web site: http://www.ATAccess.org Augmentative Communication Meetings Symposium on Literacy and Disability Web site: http://www.allied.health.unc.edu/lit2k Summer Seminar on Literacy in Augmentative and Alternative Communication The course is appropriate for parents and professionals attempting to support literacy learning in children or adults using augmentative and alternative communication (AAC), Web site: http://www.gac.
The step-up TG210 will be available with a built-in speaker phone and second dial pad on the base unit; the top-of-the-line TGM240 has a built-in Digital Duplex Speakerphone and an all-digital answering system.
The Smart Phone itself is a full-featured desk telephone with a touch-sensitive screen in place of buttons or a dial pad. Customers can use the phone to make voice calls, and it has a full range of voice functions, including memory dialing, redial, time and date display, hold and a built-in speakerphone.
enepath has worked with a number of early adopters of technology in the market to extend user capability, which has led to additional products to enhance the Tablet, including a linked external dial pad with line control and mouse capabilities and an enhanced speaker / microphone.
Phone dialer: Improved the phone app with the ability to look up contacts directly from the dial pad, see and tap frequent contacts and search your corporate directory easily.
Unlike the single-component design of previous solutions, it evolves the conference phone into several components, giving users flexibility with respect to placement and accessibility of the speaker, microphones and dial pad.
The Interaction SIP Station has no hand set, display or dial pad. Instead, the unit works in conjunction with a headset and the Interactive Intelligence Interaction Client, a PC-based call control software application that includes call recording, call rules, conferencing, presence management, company directory look-up, queue monitoring and call history.
It is the first phone in the US to be based on Microsoft Mobile 5.0 software and include a cellphone dial pad rather than a smaller version of the computer-style keyboard.
They can dial people by name from their Contacts list or enter a name or number on the QWERTY keyboard or the on-screen dial pad. Speakerphone, speed dial, conference calling, call history, and caller ID make managing phone calls easier.