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(kăl′ĭ-pĕr) [Fr. calibre, diameter of bore of gun]
A hinged instrument for measuring thickness or diameter.
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I suppose my all time favorite and most used measuring instrument would be a 6" dial caliper. This tool comes with a dial graduated in 1/1,000", one turn of the dial being .100.
To find out how well your scope measures up, cast an eye on a power pole when the Sun shines, borrow a dial caliper, and go have some fun.
For simple modifications, a precision micrometer and dial calipers may be enough.
I started with dial calipers and as soon as possible graduated to Electronic Digital Calipers.
RCBS was one of the first to offer dial calipers with their name on them and now they've added to that line with electronic LCD calipers and micrometers.