Molecular diagnostic testing that provides patient-specific information for use in decision-making; diagnomics are also defined as molecular diagnostic markers with prognostic and economic impact
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said it has signed a letter of intent for a five-year term with Diagnomics Inc.
The healthcare scrubs and linens developed by Garmatex and Diagnomics will feature Garmatex's proprietary anti-microbial technology, Bact-Out, a revolutionary, natural anti-microbial treatment that has a bacterial and fungal reduction rate of 99.
Diagnomics is a biotech company based in San Diego, California that provides solutions for personalized medicine and next generation healthcare.
This innovative drug discovery platform is applied across the entire healthcare sector, from gene identification through patient management, to accelerate and transform the discovery and development of proprietary therapeutic and Diagnomics products and services.
Diagnomics, GenoLogics Life Sciences, Genomatix, Golden Helix, Ingenuity Systems, Knome, Omicia, Spiral Genetics, Omixon, Real Time Genomics, Station X, Integromics Inc.
In addition to its Cancer Analysis Services, Illumina is working with leading data analysis and visualization companies, including Diagnomics, Ingenuity, and Knome, to provide optimized software tools for downstream filtering and interrogation of IGN datasets, with a goal of delivering biologically relevant and actionable results.
This option may also enable us to focus on our scientific strengths in diagnomics product development and on expanding the number and types of applied genomics products we may be able to produce in the future.
Diagnomics are molecular diagnostics that can describe a patient's current medical condition and provide prognostic and therapeutic information.
Becton Dickinson, a leader in the diagnostics industry, is an ideal partner for Millennium Predictive and our efforts in the area of Diagnomics.
Becton Dickinson will receive exclusive rights to all Diagnomic products (with the exception of colon cancer Diagnomic products for which it will have co-exclusive rights), and co-exclusive rights to all pharmacogenomic products, developed in the collaboration.