Molecular diagnostic testing that provides patient-specific information for use in decision-making; diagnomics are also defined as molecular diagnostic markers with prognostic and economic impact
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- Companies in the global market include Ancestry, 23andMe, Inc., Helix OpCo LLC, Xcode Life, Diagnomics, Inc., Gene By Gene, Ltd.
said it has signed a letter of intent for a five-year term with Diagnomics Inc., a biotech company that provides next-generation healthcare solutions from personal genomics.
Clinical testing of Garmatex's fabric technologies will be conducted through Diagnomics' Eone-Diagnomics Genome Center, a biotech-healthcare facility in Songdong, South Korea, to prove the efficacy of Garmatex's fabric technologies for the protection from, or treatment of, certain infections.
Diagnomics is a biotech company based in San Diego, California that provides solutions for personalized medicine and next generation healthcare.
This innovative drug discovery platform is applied across the entire healthcare sector, from gene identification through patient management, to accelerate and transform the discovery and development of proprietary therapeutic and Diagnomics products and services.
"Becton Dickinson, a leader in the diagnostics industry, is an ideal partner for Millennium Predictive and our efforts in the area of Diagnomics. Their experience and resources, combined with our unique expertise and access to Millennium's integrated platform and existing knowledge, represent tremendous potential for the creation of important products for oncology," said Kenneth Conway, president of Millennium Predictive.
The goal of the alliance is to develop Diagnomic and pharmacogenomic tests for cancer patients.
Becton Dickinson will receive exclusive rights to all Diagnomic products (with the exception of colon cancer Diagnomic products for which it will have co-exclusive rights), and co-exclusive rights to all pharmacogenomic products, developed in the collaboration.