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Denoting a substance containing two ionizable hydrogen atoms per molecule; more generally, a base capable of combining with two hydrogen ions per molecule.
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Their synthetic strategy was based on the use of diester diyne monomers which were obtained by thermal (60[degrees]C) condensation of diacids with 3-butyl-1-ol and 2-propyn-1-ol (propargyl alcohol) under reduced pressure using Scandium(III) triflate as a catalyst Sc[(OTf).sub.3].
The facility is designed to produce biobased long chain diacids through the fermentation of the company's proprietary yeast, which has been engineered to use non-food biomass to produce high value chemicals.
FOS is an ester prodrug, which becomes active in vivo after being hydrolyzed to the active diacid form, namely, fosinoprilat; see Figure 1(b).
canescens [K.sub.i], [micro]M [K.sub.i], [micro]M 2a (Ph) a 129 4.02 2b (p-Cl[C.sub.6] 183 5.56 [H.sub.4]) 2c (p-Me[C.sub.6] 218 11.1 [H.sub.4]) 2d (2,-naphthyl) 159 4.53 2e (PhC[H.sub.2]) 109 6.32 2f (n-[C.sub.6] 80.7 3.45 [H.sub.13]) 2g (5' -phen) 91.7 2.84 2h (diester) 223 12.3 2i (diacid) 1500 27.5 (a) [K.sub.i] = 1530 [micro]M (for [beta]-D-glucosidase from fungus Stachybotrys atra) 21].
2,4Diphenylfuro [3,4-g]quinazoline-6,8-dione is also obtained by basic hydrolysis of compound, followed by the closure of the resulting diacid in acetic anhydride [14].
One gram powdered sample was digested with 15 ml of diacid mixture (4HN[O.sub.3]: 1 HCl[O.sub.4]) in a conical flask by heating on hot plate in open space till clear white precipitates settled down at the bottom of the conical flask.
8,535,649 B2; Chanel Parfums Beaute, Neuilly sur Seine, France, has patented cosmetic composition comprising, in a physiologically acceptable medium, at least one anhydrous gel having a viscosity of at least 180,000 cP*s at 25[degrees]C, which includes at least one oil and at least one copolymer of styrene and at least one olefin other than styrene; at least one ester obtained from a saturated or unsaturated and linear or branched aliphatic acid or hydroxy acid having from 8 to 30 carbon atoms, a linear or branched diacid having from 12 to 36 carbon atoms, and glycerol or a glycerol condensate; and optionally at most 10% by weight of wax(es).
The interference by eltrombopag is further complicated by the color of the drug (a diacid with carboxyl and phenolic functional groups), (3) which varies by solution pH and concentration--reddish brown at basic pH and yellow in acidic media (Figure, D-F).
Ground plant samples were digested in perchloric-nitric diacid (2:1 1N) mixture (Rhoades, 1982) to estimate Na, K, Ca and Mg by atomic absorption spectroscopy.
(5), (6) In comparison with small molecule polycarboxylic acids, the molecular spacing between diacid groups is considerably larger.
Terra HS is based on polyamide 610, which is the polycondensation product of 1,6-hexamethylene diamine (H) and 1,10-decanedoic diacid (sebacic acid--S).
Vestamid Terra HS is based on polyamide 610, which is the polycondensation product of 1,6-hexamethylene diamine (H) and 1,10-decanedoic diacid (sebacic acid - S).