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Studies have reported that elevated levels of ICAM-1 in several pathological conditions including obesity, which might be responsible for such elevated levels in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (29) may be due to its increased expression by adipocytes (30).
A link between chronic liver disease (CLD) and type 2 diabetes mellitus was first observed by Allison et al.
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Investigator went door to door in these two villages to identify clients with type 2 diabetes mellitus and selected 60 samples using non-probability, purposive sampling technique method.
Sample characterization revealed that most of the population at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes mellitus comprised men, as reported by Bittencourt et al., (12) who found that men recorded higher prevalence of high risk (6.6%) than women (0.8%).
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Ademas de pacientes menores de 6 meses, se debe de sospechar que el diagnostico de diabetes mellitus tipo 1 es incorrecto cuando exista historia familiar de diabetes en un padre y otro familiar de primer grado del padre afectado; en pacientes con ausencia de anticuerpos contra islotes y en pacientes con funcion de las celulas beta requiriendo bajas dosis de insulina y con peptido C detectable.
Efficacy of oral exfoliative cytology in diabetes mellitus patients: a light microscopic and confocal microscopic study.
Patients with Diabetes mellitus who are Normotensive type 2 diabetic patients aged 35-65 yrs.

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