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A condition described in India which is characterised by anxiety, weakness, exhaustion, and hypochondriasis that may accompany discharge of semen or a whitish discolouration of urine
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Among other common psychosexual disorders Dhat syndrome was a true culture-bound sex neurosis quite common in natives of the Indian subcontinent.11 Some studies referred it as the commonest PSD.
Dhat syndrome in relation to demographic characteristics.
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Dhat replaces Dr Cameron Gray who has resigned, effective immediately, in order to pursue other interests.
A program that has emerged in recent years to serve rural Alaskans is the use of dental health aide therapists, or DHATs. This is the first program of its kind in the nation.
In Alaska, Dental Health Aid Therapists (DHAT) work under general supervision of an off--site licensed dentist.
Despite Dhat Syndrome been extensively explored phenomena in South Asia and has attracted researchers' attention for the last several years in the Indian subcontinent, no formal assessment tool has been developed for assessment of Dhat Syndrome symptoms.
One position, called a dental health aid therapist, or DHAT, has gotten some attention as solving an extreme dental care access issue in remote parts of Alaska, where Native American populations are served.
Pictured are Mandy Luckman from Irwin Mitchell and Parpinder Dhat, chief executive of the charity.
Having just opened their office in the Dhat Al-Imad complex and their first operational base in Tripoli just off the Airport Road TETRA-MEDIT is already working in the field for clients.