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1. a grade or rank within a series, especially a rank awarded to scholars by a college or university.
2. a unit of measure of temperature.
3. a unit of measure of arcs and angles, one degree being 1/360 of a circle.
4. one of the ranks or stages in a progressive series.
d's of freedom (df) the number of ways that the members of a sample can vary independently. For example, if a sample contains n scores and the sum of those scores is known, n − 1 scores are free to vary; the nth score, however, is not free to vary but is determined by the values of the other scores and the established sum of the scores. In this example, the degrees of freedom equal the sample size minus 1 (df = n − 1).
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, DF
Abbreviation for decayed and filled teeth.Synonym(s): df caries index
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, df
Abbreviation for df caries index.
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Such collective investment vehicles that file their own Form 5500 annual reports are, together with MTIAs, referred to as "direct filing entities" (DFEs).
Civil servants have replied to the two organisations to distance the DfES from Truth In Science's material.
pounds 533million had not been passed on when budget statements were made to DFES. A fifth of authorities still had more than pounds 5million to allocate.
The Sunday Mercury is aware of at least four ILA providers who have been breaking the rules as set down by the DfES.
* Schedule D, DFE/Participating Plan Information, is used to report information about direct filing entities (DFEs) and participating plans.
Maxeler Dataflow Engines (DFEs) are already used in Production for several years.
Historically civil servants have been strong on policy design, but less good at policy implementation and embedding." More recently, the Welsh Government has been criticised for the quality of its National Support Programme (NSP) - used to roll-out the ambitious Literacy and Numeracy Framework (LNF) - and many teachers have lost confidence in the Department for Education and Skills' (DfES) ability to see policy through.
Having investigated the general patterns of pension plan utilization of indirect investment vehicles, we now briefly review the general patterns of investment allocation by DFEs themselves.
He is supporting the Every Lesson Counts campaign from the Department for Education and Skills (DfES) and backed by Newcastle Council.
The DfES is requiring most schools physically to count how students travel to and from school every term, ASCL said.