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an opioid analgesic administered orally as the hydrochloride and napsylate salts; called also dextropropoxyphene.


A painkilling drug similar to METHADONE. It is also dispensed in combination with paracetamol, as Distalgesic. Overdosage is one of the commonest causes of death by poisoning, as absorption is rapid and breathing is quickly paralysed. It is not much more effective than CODEINE and some poisoning experts think it should be withdrawn. A brand name is Doloxene.


dextropropoxyphene 32.5 mg and paracetamol 325 mg; very effective analgesic drug now withdrawn from use in the UK due to overdose risk


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In early 2011, the health secretary, on Shahabuddin's direction, reinstated the ban on dextropropoxyphene import.
Dextropropoxyphene and its active breakdown metabolic product are excreted by the kidneys so the elderly and those with impaired renal function would be especially vulnerable as these products can accumulate and reach toxic levels.
Several countries have already withdrawn medicines containing dextropropoxyphene and these include the USA, UK and EU-member states among others.
Interpretation & conclusion: The results indicated that codeine, dextromethorphan and dextropropoxyphene were devoid of genotoxicity in mice.
Dextropropoxyphene is routinely used in combination with non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) for its analgesic activity mediated via [micro] opioid receptors similar to morphine.
I am guilty and possessed drugs for personal use," contended the accused when he defended himself against the charge of possessing dextropropoxyphene drug and diazepam [tranquilizing capsules].
A majority of these IDUs reported injecting spasmoproxyvon, a combination of dextropropoxyphene and diclofenac that is sold in tablet form over-the-counter, which does not dissolve and is hence injected in powder form.
Interaction between carbamazepine and dextropropoxyphene.
The drug is used by most GPs to treat mild to moderate pain and is made up of paracetamol and dextropropoxyphene - a derivative of the opium family.
It is a mixture of paracetamol and a drug called dextropropoxyphene which, like codeine, is a member of the same family of drugs as morphine and heroin, but much milder.
Side-effects from the paracetamol component are unusual but the dextropropoxyphene can cause dizziness, sickness, constipation and drowsiness and may be addictive if taken for long periods.
Target drug and dose HPLC result 3-07 Dextropropoxyphene Dextropropoxyphene Inpatient Acetaminophen Acetaminophen 3-08 Verapamil, 80 mg tds Verapamil Inpatient Ranitidine, 150 mg bd Ranitidine Phenolphthalein / Chloramphenicol, Chloramphenicol 500 mg qid Salicylate, 100 mg Salicylate 3-09 Naproxen, 250 mg bd Naproxen Lab.