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James, English chemist, 1842-1923. See: Dewar flask.
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He said: "Donald Dewar would have been the last person to acknowledge the true scale of his achievements."
He said Dewar would now take his place in history as "one of the few men across the centuries of whom it could be said that he founded a new Parliament".
To some smiles from the congregation, he remembered how Dewar would emerge from battered old cars - his towering frame a size and shape, he joked, Marks and Spencer hadn't thought of.
Tony Blair laughed as Wishart recalled how she had once spotted Dewar, remembered for his dishevelled appearance, sporting a trendy new tie.
Former Labour leader Neil Kinnock smiled affectionately at a story about Dewar getting a sleek, new lap top computer as he recovered from heart surgery - but failed to be able to even open it.
Dave Whitton, who announced last Wednesday that Dewar had died of a brain haemorrage, gave a reading from Christian socialist RH Tawney's work, Tadpoles.
He's got a bottle of Dewar's." Whisky as flu prevention.
The final section of the exhibition brings the story up to date and alongside videos of Dewar's adverts from around the world there is an access point to its website.
This allows visitors to have their photo taken and have it superimposed on to Dewar's related visuals such as pictures of the distillery or paintings of whisky-drinking Highland soldiers.
These smell of some of the things which professional tasters notice in Dewar's such as pineapple.
Dewar's World Of Whisky offers a lot more to see and do.