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James, English chemist, 1842-1923. See: Dewar flask.
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Nick James, one of the two ag instructors at Harrisburg High School, has served on the executive board of the Illinois Association of Vocational Agriculture Teachers the last three years and credits Dewar's support and understanding of his involvement at the state level.
We have also had the fortune of being selected as the launch pad for several products of leading brands and this time too we are first in Country to launch Dewar's Legacy Collection.
Even when Mrs Clark reminded him - twice - that he would have to hear a Crown summary before sentencing, he sent Dewar to jail.
In 2006, Dewar began a project to update its cask management system (Motorola, 866-416-8545, ) and introduced a total of 23 warehouses, each storing 72,000 casks, in an intrinsically safe (ATEX - zone 1) environment.
Ten days later, Dewar handed himself in to police, with a written statement in which he made a complete admission.
Newcastle-born Dewar was a racing cyclist in his early days but once he turned his attention to athletics it became, as well as his garden, a major part of his life.
Not surprisingly, Dewar is at her best when she relies on her journalistic skills.
Mr Blair was speaking at the unveiling of a 9 ft bronze statue of Mr Dewar, erected in his memory outside Glasgow's Royal Concert Hall.
"After that," said a panel organizer, Deb Byrne, "Marion Dewar stepped forward and said `we will conduct our own neutral, objective review.'" Ms.
Magistrates heard Terrence Dewar, 54, had been involved with various organisations including his local Labour Party, of which he had also been treasurer.
TROY, Mich.-Robert Dewar, a former chairman and chief executive officer of Kmart Corp.
Refuting rumored closing, Dewar contends sales are up; outlines approach to major metros