developmental biology

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Science of the origin and development of the organism from fertilization of the oocyte to the end of the eighth week. Usually used to include all stages of prenatal life.
[embryo- + G. logos, study]

developmental biology,

n the study of life processes occurring during growth and maturation.
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Included are embryogenesis, developmental genetics, mechanisms of teratogenicity, and testing for reproductive and developmental toxicity.
Focusing on a new experimental model, the epithelial seam cell number variation, and using comprehensive molecular developmental genetics, genomics and imaging we will derive principles about the contribution of genes to stabilisation of developmental outcomes and will develop a developmental framework for phenotypic buffering.
Eckhardt, professor of developmental genetics and evolution at Penn State, Maciej Henneberg, professor of anatomy and pathology at the University of Adelaide, and Kenneth Hsu, a Chinese geologist and paleoclimatologist, suggests that the single specimen on which the new designation depends, known as LB1, does not represent a new species.
The text includes an introductory mini-atlas of the rat brain for beginning neuroanatomy students, and has been revised to consider new ideas in developmental genetics, especially those relating to neuromeres.
More generally, the Drosophila model has enabled biologists throughout the world to make considerable progress, not only in developmental genetics and innate immunity but also in the study of certain human pathologies and in the understanding of memory, behavior, sleep and nutrition phenomena.
Professor Robin Lovell-Badge, head of developmental genetics at the MRC National Institute for Medical Research, said: "This interesting work at last brings the topic of therapeutic cloning in humans back into the realm of good science rather than controversy.
To do so, one must incorporate data from morphology, ecology, population biology and developmental genetics and use tools from phylogenetic analysis, coalescent theory, and tests of molecular and morphological adaptation in addition to utilizing data from transgenic, functional genomic and gene expression analyses.
Brief reviews of cutting-edge approaches to dental developmental genetics and biomechanics ensure that this volume is current vis-a-vis ongoing research in mammalian dental evolution.
In this paper, a quintet of Russian scientists investigates the developmental genetics of plant-microbial symbiosis from developmental and applied viewpoints.
Examining seminal and current experiments in such fields as comparative embryology (repurposing of conserved primitive structures) and developmental genetics (function, conservation, and evolution of the Hox genes), Shubin leads the reader to understand that the evolution of man is supported by a cacophony of different scientific voices.
As a doctoral candidate in Developmental Genetics, Ramon studies how cellular reorganization of the male tail tip in the soil nematode Caenorhabditis elegans occurs.
Here, Dr Lyle Armstrong, from the centre's stem-cell biology and developmental genetics department, explains the research to Health Reporter Jane Picken

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