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pertaining to development.
developmental disorder
2. a former classification of chronic disorders of mental development with onset in childhood. Such disorders are now classifed as mental retardation, learning disorders, motor skills disorder, communication disorders, or pervasive developmental disorders.
developmental tasks fundamental achievements that must be accomplished at each stage of life, arising at or near critical stages in the maturation of an individual; successful attainment leads to a healthy self-image and success with later tasks. Failure to achieve developmental tasks at one stage leads to unhappiness in the individual, disapproval of society, and difficulty in accomplishing later developmental tasks.

Two major primary origins of developmental tasks are physical maturation and cultural pressures and privileges. Secondary origins are derived from the first two and are found in the aspirations and values of the individual.

Family developmental tasks are those that must be attained to assure survival of the family and its continuance as a unit. Examples include (1) providing shelter, food, clothing, health care, and other essentials needed by its members, (2) establishing ways of interacting, communicating, and expressing affection, (3) maintaining morale and motivation, (4) rewarding achievement, (5) meeting personal and family crises, (6) setting attainable goals for family members, and (7) developing family loyalties and values.

developmental disorder

a form of mental retardation that develops in some children after they have progressed normally for the first 3 or 4 years of life. Onset of the mental deterioration usually begins with a vague viral infection or other similar disease symptoms.

developmental disorder

Psychiatry An impairment in normal development of language, motor, cognitive and/or motor skills, generally recognized before age 18 which is expected to continue indefinitely and constitutes a substantial impairment Etiology Mental retardation, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, other neurologic conditions–eg, autism

Patient discussion about developmental disorder

Q. Is pervasive developmental disorder (PDD) or autism is fatal……what exactly it is……?

A. Autism is not fatal in its symptom and progression but it can become fatal as it does impair normal physiological function it CAN BE a fatal condition. It’s a group of illness which involves delays in the development of basic skills. It happens to children below age 3. It affects the child`s ability to communicate and interact. Autism affected children are also found to be mentally retarded.

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The Deciphering Developmental Disorders (DDD) program aims to remedy this and will analyze data from 12,000 families taken from across the UK and Republic of Ireland.
The study found that developmental disorders may be caused by dormant "de novo" genes that appear in children.
These are exciting results that validate the promise of these technologies in children with a broad range of neurologic and developmental disorders.
These complexities have driven us to bring together strategic partners with medical, academic, scientific and community outreach expertise, in order to alleviate the imbalances faced by children with developmental disorders," said Raja Eisa Al Gurg, member of the board of trustees and chairperson of the board of directors of Al Jalila Foundation.
A spokesman said: "While studies are ongoing to determine the exact prevalence rate of developmental disorders in the UAE.
The inpatient unit is 1 of 10 in the United States that exclusively serves children with autism or intellectual disabilities from developmental disorders.
There were 517 children who had ASD; 172 who had other developmental disorders but not ASD; and 315 who were developing typically.
Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can lead to a range of developmental disorders and birth defects, referred to collectively as fetal alcohol spectrum disorders.
Objective: The present study aimed to compare children newly diagnosed as having pervasive developmental disorders (PDDs) to those with developmental delay (DD) forthe sociodemographic, clinical and parental characteristics.
Music is a powerful tool, with great potential for reaching kids with developmental disorders from Autism to Down--and this music activity book shows teachers and parents how music can be used to enhance the lives of kids with special needs.
Also discussed are the symptoms, biology, causes, course, and treatment of common childhood disorders, including attentional and disruptive behavior disorders, autism and pervasive developmental disorders, mood, anxiety, and eating disorders, and learning disabilities.

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