developmental biology

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Science of the origin and development of the organism from fertilization of the oocyte to the end of the eighth week. Usually used to include all stages of prenatal life.
[embryo- + G. logos, study]

developmental biology,

n the study of life processes occurring during growth and maturation.
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Readers will find such features of embryology and developmental biology as:
Housekeeping Research Center Isla de la Cartuja DoEana Biological Station, School of Hispanic Studies, Institute of Microelectronics of Seville, Institute of Marine Sciences of Andalusia and the Andalusian Centre for Developmental Biology.
The developmental biology working group, moderated by Beate Ritz, an associate professor of epidemiology at the University of California, Los Angeles, identified several uses of remote-sensing data to assess developmental outcomes; they included critical windows of vulnerability that occur before, during, and following parturition; acute versus chronic pollutant exposure dynamics; and the interaction of maternal and fetal genetic susceptibilities.
Along the way she's forged a new path in developmental biology research and fostered a growing interest in infectious diseases and global public health.
The material is aimed at upper-grade undergraduates and up and covers the necessary basic concepts of developmental biology in order to facilitate understanding.
Zatz, Division of Genetics and Developmental Biology, NIGMS, Bldg 45, Rm 2AS.
After the screening, professor Roger Bohman, from UCLA's department of molecular, cell and developmental biology, will moderate a discussion with doctors who have worked in those countries.
Receiving such a large number of these grants highlights the excellence of the research taking place at Stanford," said Roel Nusse, PhD, professor of developmental biology and chair of the research subcommittee of Stanford's Program in Regenerative Medicine.
As a developmental biology textbook, this volume is unique in its focus on how environments interact with developing organisms to produce new forms, and how this affects disease and evolution.
Carlson (emeritus cell and developmental biology, U.
MicroRNAs control some really interesting biological functions and address long-standing questions in developmental biology," says James C.
That's why Oppenheimer, director of the Center for Cancer and Developmental Biology at California State University, Northridge, teaches a class called ``Biology of Cancer,'' and lets members of the public sit in for free.

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