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A dog trained to identify by scent certain contraband materials—e.g., firearms, explosives, gypsy moths, chemicals used in arson, plants, currency/cash, illicit drugs, polycarbonate optical disks—bootleg DVDs—human remains, plant and animal tissues, etc.
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Also procured include 180 4x4 personnel carriers, 11 125cc motorcycles, two SOCO vans, five brand-new light transport vehicles, three 4x4 pickups, five brand new utility trucks, 313 5.56 Basic Assault rifle, 5,470 handheld radio, 104 base radios, 1,018 mobile radios, 81 conventional repeater, 6,883 anti-riot shields, 7,441 anti-riot body armors, 12,424 undershirt vests, six rotary blade/propelled wing unmanned aerial vehicles, 48 explosive detector dogs, three 25 KVA generator sets.
Compared to human observers, detector dogs may have higher effectiveness.
5 in Helmand province, Afghanistan, by Taliban sniper fire, Marine officials told his parents, Darrell and Kathy Rusk, that Eli, his infantry explosives detector dog, crawled on top of their son to protect him after he was shot.
Benji, a body detector dog, alerted his handlers to the presence of people on board and officers searched the Romanian-registered lorry, finding the stowaways hiding among its load of wire coil.
The British man was stopped at Birmingham Airport after detector dog Zippy sniffed out the money on the man.
In March, two officials from the State Border Service and SCNS participated at an International Narcotics Detector Dog Conference in Almaty, Kazakhstan, organized by the Military Institute of Kazakhstan's State Committee for National Security.
A human may conclude that a scent is coming from a spot they see on a wall or on the ground, but they learn to respect the indication from the detector dog that, no, the scent is coming from an area that would never have attracted the human's attention.
A potential detector dog is one that is untrained on any specific odor, and the evaluation is designed to establish that the dog has the essential behaviors and temperament to be a successful detection dog.
As Tonka, a two-year old German Shorthaired Pointer, covered the ground between myself and his target I wondered if this animal could truly be described as a `passive' detector dog. My fears were unfounded.
The patented Tekscent pipeline leak detection system, developed in Canada by Imperial Oil Ltd., is a novel system that uses a liquid odorant with highly trained detector dog teams to locate leaks from pinhole size to large sections.
That is not currently the universal standard; for example, the National Narcotics Detector Dog Association requires only 75 percent detection.
Additionally, it demonstrates that the minimal costs to fund a canine program provide an opportunity for even the smallest college to establish and maintain a detector dog program, which, in these uncertain times, may prove extremely valuable to the safety of the students and faculty.