Detection Dog

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A dog trained to identify by scent certain contraband materials—e.g., firearms, explosives, gypsy moths, chemicals used in arson, plants, currency/cash, illicit drugs, polycarbonate optical disks—bootleg DVDs—human remains, plant and animal tissues, etc.
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Protected species and predator detection dog use in New Zealand wildlife conservation projects.--N.
Over the years, MLI has provided 26 Mine Detection Dogs and training with the assistance of private donors and the U.S.
(164) Another study showed that the "detection dog handlers could be inadvertently cuing their canines to the presence of a target." (165)
A national charity set up in 2008, Medical Detection Dogs ( is dedicated to the detection of human disease by canine olfaction--a dog's ability to smell disease.
"The detection dogs can find tobacco and cigarettes even if hidden in the most unlikely places.
WORCESTER -- For the first time in its 32 years, a group of bomb and explosives detection dogs will be deployed at the Worcester County St.
Military Engineering Services and the mine detection dog team,who were carrying out remote shooting in an attempt to clear mines planted by terrorists in MountChmbi, have not managed to avoid the explosion of a fourth mine, the Colonel-Major added.
"D" met with local media at the Explosive Detection Dog (EDD) Section, Steele Barracks Moorebank NSW, Australia.
The detection dog immediately lunged for the backpack and took hold of it, but when the administrator subsequently searched it, he found no drugs or other contraband.

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