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Any of various proteins found in intermediate filaments that copolymerize with vimentin to form constituents of connective tissue, cell walls, and filaments. Found in Z disc of skeletal and cardiac muscle cells.
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Immunohistochemistry staining for vimentin, desmin, and actin were crucial for the characterization of myolipoma, underscoring the importance of using specific molecular markers in the histopathological diagnosis, especially of rare tumors, instead of aspiration cytology.
Confirmation of myofibroblastic differentiation can be made by immunohistochemical reactivity for desmin (A) or smooth muscle actin (B) stains, which should not be misinterpreted as evidence of smooth muscle differentiation (immunoperoxidase, original magnification X400).
Expression of desmin, Laminin and fibronectin during in situ differentiation (decidualization) of rat uterine stromal cells.
Figures 3-5 clearly show that gene expression of desmin, renal hypoxia marker EPO, NOS1, TGF[beta]1, and KIM-1 was upregulated in rats drank energy beverages for 2 months with no changes in the expression of these genes in control group.
Immunohistochemically, they differ from other tumors by myogenic differentiation 1 (+), myogenin (+), desmin (+) myoglobin (+), muscle specific actin (+), keratin (-) and terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase (-) staining pattern.
In comparison to control groups, PPAR[gamma] protein level was significantly decreased in a time-dependent manner, accompanied by an obvious increased expression in two markers of fibrosis, [alpha]-SMA and desmin (Figure 2(a)).
These tumors are SMA positive but are often desmin negative.
All samples extracted with the nondenaturing solution showed the highest values of MHC (P < 0.001 in beef, lamb, chicken, sole, and European hake; P < 0.01 in sea bass), [alpha]-actinin (P < 0.001 in lamb; P < 0.01 in beef, chicken, and sole; P < 0.05 in European hake), and desmin (P < 0.001 in beef; P < 0.01 in sea bass; P < 0.05 in lamb, not detected in European hake).
All other markers of S100 (Figure 3(c)), desmin, CD45, CD31, and CD34 (Figure 4) were negative for the tumor cells.
In contrast, the mRNA and protein expression of desmin was significantly upregulated in the DN group compared with the control group (P < 0.01) and was significantly downregulated in the two intervention groups compared with the DN group (P < 0.01) (Figure 3).
It is based on the tumor morphology, patient's age, and tumor location (primary hepatic mass) together with a panel of undifferentiated pathologic markers including vimentin, desmin, CD10, CD68, alpha1-antitrypsin, and ruling out of other pathologies.
Immunohistochemical staining was strongly positive for CD34 (Figure 2(a)) and negative for CD31, desmin, and smooth muscle actin.