operating system

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operating system (OS)

the main system programs of a computer that manage the hardware and application resources, including data input and output. Applications require an operating system to support and enable their function.
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But Corel certainly gets points for being the first major desktop app vendor to port fully to Linux, and to develop a Linux desktop OS suitable for the semi-power user.
Microsoft is finally abandoning the Windows CE kernel and using the same kernel as in its desktop OS, which will make porting apps much quicker.
You can expect Microsoft to push hard for new users with an overhauled platform that includes new features for enterprise users anddeep integration with Windows 8, the next version of Microsoft's desktop OS.
The release of Windows 7 has prompted many organizations to begin planning desktop OS upgrades.
Microsoft's offering acts as a plug-in to the Windows Media Player, meaning its dominance in the desktop OS market could see it capture market share fairly easily.
That is essentially everything new about the latest edition of Apple's desktop OS.
It's the legacy operating system that over 90 percent of people use and it has far more local applications than any other desktop OS.
7 continues to dominate the desktop OS market, sitting on just over half of all
Metropolis applications also have the distinct advantage of supporting the Windows 8 Style across multiple Windows desktop OS versions enabling developers to cover the widest population of PCs with the new Windows UI style.
Instead of running the desktop OS and applications on a PC, the virtual desktop exists only in a virtual machine on a server.