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(des'i-kā'tŏr, tōr),
1. Synonym(s): desiccant (2)
2. An apparatus, such as a glass chamber containing calcium chloride, sulfuric acid, or other drying agent, in which a material is placed for drying.
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5 produced panels that satisfied the required performance standards of both formaldehyde emission (NPA's 2-h desicator test) and IB strength (ANSI).
Kyoto, Japan), which was dried under vacuum at 100[degrees]C for 2 days and kept at room temperature in a silica gel-dried desicator for later use.
Tenders are invited for Vacuum Desicators Pp/Pc Fully Leak Proof With Valve Consists Of Three Sizes 1 6 150 Mm - 01 No.