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An HMO or hospital’s unilateral termination of its financial relationship with a particular physician
Criteria for deselection Lack of board certification, utilization management, patient satisfaction, providing of preventive health programs, and support of managed care—i.e., ‘high visibility’—or because the provider is too expensive and orders too many tests or procedures
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In response to hostile media questions, why not answer: "We deplore the use of physical threats and foul language, but we defend the right of rank and file members to hold their MPs to account, which includes deselection if they so wish"?
SPEAKING of MP deselections, Scribbler hears there are more tidings of comfort and joy for the Labour Party.
What: “Preparing for the Worst: Deselection, Acquisition, Doctor Departure” presentation during the Nevada Medical Group Management Association's November breakfast.
LOCAL Authority councillors are democratically elected by their residents,and therefore also subject to potential deselection if they fail in their duty to listen to the concerns and requirements of the people that they are supposed to represent.
We have written before of Dave's quiescence in the face of ultra-authoritarian actions, the deselection of Howard Flight and, later his own deselection of the Conservative leader in the House in Strasbourg.
Name the Labour MP who has lost her battle against deselection by her local party.
She secretly secured a pounds 30,000-a-year pension while battling deselection by her disgruntled local party, who had branded her incompetent.
That party's AMs were privately among the most critical of Mr Asghar, an AMseen as so ineffective as to be widely rumoured to be facing deselection for 2011.
The decision to stage a deselection vote has caused tensions with the national party because Ms Truss is on leader David Cameron's "A List" of would-be candidates, designed to increase the proportion of female and ethnic minority Tory MPs.
According to The Telegraph, Lady Morris urged party members in South West Norfolk to stand by Miss Truss, who faces a deselection meeting this month after being accused of covering up a relationship with a married Tory MP when she was also married.
In amongst that sequence, of course, is a jarring first-baller for England Lions against the Aussies at New Road and Bopara is a failure or two away from deselection yet.
MORE Labour MPs may face deselection battles over their parliamentary expenses, after a union leader said as many as 50 may have to "fall on their swords" to restore the party's reputation.