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An HMO or hospital’s unilateral termination of its financial relationship with a particular physician
Criteria for deselection Lack of board certification, utilization management, patient satisfaction, providing of preventive health programs, and support of managed care—i.e., ‘high visibility’—or because the provider is too expensive and orders too many tests or procedures
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But speaking during a visit to Merseyside this week, Mr Corbyn's closest ally, shadow chancellor John McDonnell said there would be no deselections and argued that the party is completely united.
I would have no issue with any of the deselections had the councillors been political deadwood who oered nothing to the wards they represent and had they failed to work hard for the wards and the borough as a whole.
Cllr Clein said: "The deselection of my friend and colleague Kevin Firth was basically the last straw.
your Paul Davies said he had initially opposed moves to deselect the MP but would know for sure whether he will support a call for deselection later in the week after a debate at one of the local branches.
As a footnote, my commiserations to councillor Dunning of Redcar on his deselection from Labour, whether it will make any difference to Redcar backing the East Middlesbrough Bypass, we shall wait and see.
TWENTY years ago, Frank Field was threatened with deselection for not towing the then-Militant line.
Mr Johnson's determination to deliver on the 2016 referendum result has already seen him move to suspend Parliament, while it has also been suggested that any Tory MPs who vote against the Government will face deselection.
David Gauke is one of a number of prominent Conservatives who have been threatened with deselection, according to reports.
"Kate was facing deselection anyway and that may have finally tipped her over into defecting."
On Tuesday the NEC will hear the Chris Williamson case and on Wednesday BBC's Panorama investigates anti-semitism in the party.The decision to threaten staff members who have broken their gagging orders with legal action has provoked yet another internal row when tensions are running high over the possible deselection of some MPs.
A member of her local Lewisham West and Penge party in south London has since called for a vote of no confidence and the triggering of formal deselection proceedings.
A petition calling for his deselection has reached nearly 1,000 signatures and last night there were calls for him to resign.