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(Cartesius) (dā-kahrt'),
René, French philosopher, mathematician, physiologist, 1596-1650. The founder of modern philosophy and proponent of the mechanistic school or iatromathematical school. See: Descartes law.
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Descartes' shift of the entire process of knowledge from the face of divinity to that of man (defined by thinking), is determined by the revelation of the practical dimension of philosophy.
(2) The path-breaking studies of Descartes's rhetoric by Richard Kennington are collected in Kennington, On Modern Origins: Essays in Early Modern Philosophy, ed.
The US ELD mandate comes into full effect in December 2019, and Canada's ELD mandate is expected to follow," said Vince Arone, general manager of PinPoint and now VP, Mobile Telematics Solutions at Descartes.
Through this image -- and the intersecting lives of a brilliant philosopher, a Catholic priest, and a gifted painter -- Steven Nadler opens a fascinating portal into Descartes's life and times, skillfully presenting an accessible introduction to Descartes's philosophical and scientific ideas, and an illuminating tour of the volatile political and religious environment of the Dutch Golden Age.
Descartes Systems reported a per-share profit of 11 cents when it published results during the same quarter last year.
Descartes said moving goods in the flatbed market requires domain expertise and special equipment, and the associated transportation management processes have some unique characteristics.
'BestTransport, like Descartes, sees the value in creating a common platform for multiple constituents to collaborate and manage the lifecycle of shipments,' said Edward J.