Pierre-Joseph, French surgeon, 1744-1795. See: Desault bandage.
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Pierre Desault (1738-1795), who trained Xavier Bichat (1771-1802), ensured that the course he taught at the Hotel-Dieu would, in the words of Lesch, immerse students "in the routine of clinical observation and treatment....
(5) Scapular fractures have been a subject of investigation since Desault's treatise of 1805.
Durante estos tres anos y medio recibio ensenanzas de los mas famosos maestros como Joseph Macquer y Antoine Fourcroy de Quimica, de Antoine Portal (1732-1842) de Anatomia, de Pierre Desault (1744-1795) y Francoise Chopart (1743-1795) de Cirugia; y de Laurent de Jussieu y Louis Daubenton (1716-1800) de Historia Natural.
Amazingly enough, Pierre-Joseph Desault, an influential surgeon at the Hotel Dieu in Paris, carried out an excision of a large thyroid mass in a female patient, in 1791, by careful dissection and first tying the superior and inferior thyroid arteries.
Bernard where a monument was erected Descartes Rene Descartes (1596-1650), French philosopher, mathematician and scientist; often called the father of modern philosophy, especially epistemology Dessault Pierre Joseph Desault (1738-1795), French anatomist and eminent surgeon Duquesne Abraham Duquesne, Marquis du Quesne (1610-1688), French naval officer who decisively defeated the combined fleets of Spain and Holland in 1676 Fernel Jean Francois Fernel (1497-1558), French philosopher, astronomer, mathematician, and physician (especially in the field of physiology) Fleury Jean Baptiste Fleury (1777-1843), discoverer of the venous canals of the cranial 1 23 bones.
Dura used Catia software, which was developed by Desault Systemes in Paris, France, and runs on IBM RS6000 computer systems, to generate the concept design of the kinematic operating mechanism.
The practice seems to have been revived by Pierre Desault (1744-1795), as described by his pupil Dominique Larrey (1766-1842) who became Napoleon's surgeon.