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15 Coleoptera Cleridae Necrobia rufipes 16 Coleoptera Histeridae * 17 Coleoptera Dermestidae * 17 Diptera Drosophilidae Drosophila spp.
The total number of the species of Dermestidae in Afghanistan is low but we are confident that it will increase progressively.
B Elateridae Anchastus asper LeConte Neotrichophorus carolinensis Schaeffer Lycidae Calochromus perfacetus (Say) Lycus lateralis 3 Melsheimer Plateros 2 flavoscutellatus Blatchley Lampyridae Pyractonema angulata (Say) Cantharidae Chauliognathus 17 marginatus (Fabricius) Polemius laticornis Say Tytthonyx flavicollis Blatchley Dermestidae Attagenus fasciatus 1 (Thunberg) Cryptorhopalum 5 focale Beal Cryptorhopalum ruficorne LeConte Cleridae Enoclerus lunatus 2 (Klug) Melyridae Attalus 3 circumscriptus Say Attalus sp.