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Aspectos epidemiologicos relacionados a ocorrencia de acaros hematofagos em granjas comerciais de postura no Estado de Minas Gerais e avaliacao de armadilhas para captura de Dermanyssus gallinae (Acari: Dermanyssidae) (De Geer, 1778).
8) studied the suitableness of different subordinate methods for genetic and phenotypical similarities among the Swedish isolates of the organism such as: 45 isolates from poultry (n=23), pigs (n=17), emus (n=2), and the poultry red mite Dermanyssus gallinae (n=3), checked by serotyping and pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (PFGE).
Las especies de insectos picadores y mordedores sobre las que aparentemente es activo son Musca spp, Anopheles spp, Culex spp, Aedes spp, asi como frente a diferentes acaros y garrapatas, tales como Dermanyssus o Rhiphicephalus.
En Cuba, la aplicacion de extractos de plantas contra ectoparasitos se realiza tradicionalmente de forma empirica, donde los campesinos utilizan los residuos del tabaco (Nicotiana tabacum), conocido como tabaquina, para el control del acaro de las aves Dermanyssus gallinae y en el control de garrapatas en bovinos en Camaguey.
Concentration of selected transition metals in layer hens non-infested and infested with Dermanyssus gallinae.
Temperature influence on life table statistics of the chicken mite Dermanyssus gallinae (Acari: Dermanyssidae).
53 grey partridges (33 domesticated and 20 wild) were infested by seven lice species (Menopon gallinae, Goniocotes gall, Menacanthus stramineus, Genero columbicola, Lipeurus caponis, Brueelia coquimbana, Coculogaster heterographus), three species of ticks (Haemaphysalis leporispalustris, Ixodes pacificus, Amblyomma maculatum) 2 species of mites (Ornithonyssus syliarum, Dermanyssus gallinae) and a flea species (Pulex irritans).
Comparison of four methods of extracting DNA from Dermanyssus gallinae (Acari: Dermanyssidae).
Seven mites, which were collected by the father on day 6 after symptom onset, were identified as engorged and nonengorged members of the genus Dermanyssus.
Bites from the red chicken or poultry mite, Dermanyssus gallinae, can cause a pruritic dermatitis, usually on the backs of the hands and forearms in farmers and poultry workers.