Wound care A hydrophilic dressing for removing dead and damaged tissue from wounds used for surgical incisions, skin ulcers, pressure sores, lacerations, cuts, abrasions, diabetic ulcers, partial-thickness and hypothermia burns
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1% increase in wound closure and fastener sales, partially offset by a decrease of $1,237,475 in revenues from our Dermagran product line.
Derma Sciences has several zinc-containing dressings on the market, one example being their Dermagran Hydrogel.
21 million in the third quarter 2003, due to increased sales of all major product lines, with the exception of the Dermagran component of the advanced wound care line.
Lower sales of our higher margined Dermagran product due principally to a 2003 year end sales promotion, a delay in the launch of one of our private label initiatives with a major distributor, higher than anticipated costs associated with installing the equipment purchased in January 2004 from the Kimberly-Clark Corporation in our facility in Toronto, Canada and higher operating cost levels, all contributed to the adverse financial results.
Other items affecting first quarter profitability included a sales shortfall of $237,000 in our most profitable Dermagran wound care product line and $263,000 of other charges associated with bad debts, inventory obsolescence, fixed assets write-offs and charges related to the closure of one of our distribution centers.
Sales of our most profitable product, Dermagran Ointment, a product utilized primarily in nursing homes, has continued to face competitive sales and pricing pressures.
as well as the company's proprietary zinc-nutrient formulated Dermagran Ointment and Dermagran Moisturizing Spray.
NASDAQ: DSCI) (BSE/PSE: DMS) today announced that the Company has received FDA 510(k) clearance to market its Dermagran Hydrophilic Wound Dressing for use as an autolytic debriding agent.
The increase is attributable to an increased demand for Dermagran Ointment.
NASDAQ: DSCI) (BSE/PSE: DMS) announced today the FDA approval of its 510(k) application for Dermagran (Zinc-Saline) Hydrogel Wound Dressing.
Montreal, for the sale and marketing of its Dermagran II product line in Canada.
Clark is the inventor and original patent holder of the Company's flagship products, Dermagran Spray and Dermagran Ointment.