derivative chromosome

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de·riv·a·tive chro·mo·some

an anomalous chromosome generated by translocation.

derivative chromosome (der)

a chromosomal aberration caused by translocation.
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Of particular interest, a triplicate segment on the derivative chromosome 11 at bands q22-q25 containing the MLL gene was detected (arrow in Figure 3, A).
In these patients, loss of fertility is mainly caused by the high prevalence of gametes that have lost or gained chromosome material as a result of the rearrangement of the derivative chromosomes or a generation of a recombinant chromosome.
In addition, 38 (50%) of the chimeric reads were mapped to each of the resulting derivative chromosomes, supporting the presence of a reciprocal translocation event.
In case 4, multifluor FISH analysis identified the presence of 2 derivative chromosomes from unbalanced translocations, including t(2;3) and t(2;5) derivative chromosomes (data not shown), also confirming the presence of additional chromosome 2 material.