Deprivation Experiment

An experiment in which animals are raised in an environment impoverished in some fashion, as a means of identifying factors essential for developing species-specific behaviors
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He said: "The thing you need to understand is the UK and Ireland are currently undergoing its own sleep deprivation experiment.
Drawing from the initial sleep deprivation experiment, rats were sleep-deprived for 6 h starting at 7:00 am by gentle handling and sacrificed at 1:00 pm together with non-sleep-deprived controls.
In the study - the largest sleep deprivation experiment ever - 142 adults with an average age of 30 were restricted to four hours in bed from 4am to 8am for five consecutive nights.
The next year, Zubek followed up by spending nearly fifteen days in the chamber in a perceptual deprivation experiment. Local newspapers couldn't get enough of the story, describing the chamber as a space prison.
Yes, with the hood up at 70mph the MX becomes a sort of sensory deprivation experiment. Yes, with the top down Terry Wogan wouldn't dare drive one but with a 0-60mph time of 7.2 seconds and a quite ordinary 130mph top speed you won't need to weld your ears back.
In the last section, all participants exposed to partial sleep deprivation at least two weeks after total deprivation experiment. They were observed by two investigators.
That's until Louise takes part in a sleep deprivation experiment and falls for Charlie (Oliver Milburn).
Visiting Vegas can sometimes feel like you are taking part in a bizarre sensory deprivation experiment. You will struggle to find a clock in a public place and all the casinos seem to have subdued lighting to throw you off the scent as to what time of day it really is.
UNSTABLE Eleanor (Lili Taylor), sexy Theo (Catherine Zeta Jones) and wise-cracking Luke (Owen Wilson) think they've all signed up for a well-paid sleep deprivation experiment.
(Even on Ryanair, which treats passengers like participants in a mass sleep deprivation experiment, such is their enthusiasm for prodding people awake to sell them things they expected would be free.) And when was the last time you heard a vital business call being conducted on a form of transport anyway?