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A decrease in population due to mass emigration or decreased birth rate
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The depopulation trend is even affecting the restive province of Catalonia which is seeking independence from the rest of Spain.
When Roman officials start to feel the impact of the first wave of depopulation in the early 160s, they respond by removing the prevailing regime of collective responsibility for village taxes, "seemingly with the aim of preventing further desertion" (p.
"What is important to realize is that it's not just Citizens' policyholders who benefit from depopulation," said Louisiana insurance Commissioner James Donelon in a statement.
Inaction by politicians at this time will lead to rural depopulation and the selling of farmland to investors interested only in parking their Inheritance Tax liability.
The aim is to facilitate the entry into the farming sector of new farmers and to support the development of new initiatives that could help counter ageing and depopulation. The set of compromise amendments to the draft regulation on rural development, to be voted on 23-24 January in the AGRI committee, also includes a proposal for at least 25% of rural development support to be earmarked for the agri-environment-climate measures and organic farming.
Their topics include Pueblo religion and the Mesoamerican connection, the role of religion in the depopulation of the central Mesa Verde region, a history of Tewa community metaphors, spectatorship and performance in mural painting AD 1250-1500, and the materiality of religious belief in east-central Arizona.
Citizens Property Insurance Corp has offered loans to private insurers, out of its own surplus funds, under a Surplus Note Depopulation Programme.
RURAL depopulation is of great concern to local authorities across Wales, says a Bangor University academic currently undertaking a study into the problem.
Over a period of 40 years, I have witnessed depopulation of this city and departure of industries with programmes for apprenticeships.
Summary: The members of the People's National Assembly (Parliament) have emphasized Sunday the need to enhance rural development, pointing out that the increase in the construction of rural housing will help to fight against rural depopulation.
Washington, Apr 16 (ANI): By isolating the parasite behind honeybee colony depopulation syndrome, also known as colony collapse disorder in the USA, scientists have found a possible cure for the infection.