dependent variable

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something that changes; an attribute or property of a person, event, or object that is known to vary in a given study.
dependent variable in a mathematical equation or relationship between two or more variables, a variable whose value depends on those of others; it represents a response, behavior, or outcome that the researcher wishes to predict or explain.
extraneous variable a factor that is not itself under study but affects the measurement of the study variables or the examination of their relationships.
independent variable in a mathematical equation or relationship between two or more variables, any variable whose value determines that of others; it represents the treatment or experimental variable that is manipulated by the researcher to create an effect on the dependent variable.
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de·pen·dent var·i·a·ble

in experiments, a variable that is influenced by or dependent on changes in the independent variable; for example, the amount of a written passage retained (dependent variable) as a function of the different numbers of minutes (independent variable) allowed to study the passage.
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dependent variable

An objective finding measured in an experiment that is expected to change as a result of an experimental manipulation of the independent variable(s).
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dependent variable

Epidemiology An outcome variable/variables that reflects other, independent, variables in the relationship being studied. See Variable.
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With regarding to this issue that the meaningful relationship exists between dependent and independent variables, increase of spent costs sticky of sold goods reduces the market adjusted yield in the accepted companies in Tehran stock exchange.
In designing a regression model, care should be taken in selecting the dependent and independent variables. Regression analysis is a "blind" statistical technique and you should not delegate your judgment to it.
In practice, most researchers applying the Box-Cox methodology seek power transformations for both the dependent and independent variables in a regression model at the same time.