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Denton, 20th century U.S. surgeon.
Cooley anastomosis
Cooley anastomosis clamp
Cooley anastomosis forceps
Cooley aortic aneurysm clamp
Cooley aortic clamp
Cooley aortic retractor
Cooley aortic vent needle
Cooley arterial occlusion forceps
Cooley arteriotomy scissors
Cooley atrial retractor
Cooley auricular appendage forceps
Cooley bronchial clamp
Cooley bulldog clamp
Cooley cardiac tucker
Cooley cardiovascular forceps
Cooley cardiovascular scissors
Cooley cardiovascular suction tube
Cooley caval occlusion clamp
Cooley chisel
Cooley coarctation clamp
Cooley coarctation forceps
Cooley coronary dilator
Cooley curved forceps
Cooley dilator
Cooley double-angled jaw forceps
Cooley first-rib shears
Cooley graft clamp
Cooley graft forceps
Cooley iliac clamp
Cooley iliac forceps
Cooley intrapericardial anastomosis
Cooley microvascular needle holder
Cooley neonatal retractor
Cooley neonatal vascular clamp
Cooley partial occlusion clamp
Cooley patent ductus clamp
Cooley patent ductus forceps
Cooley pediatric aortic forceps
Cooley pediatric clamp
Cooley pediatric dilator
Cooley peripheral vascular forceps
Cooley probe-point scissors
Cooley renal clamp
Cooley reverse-cut scissors
Cooley rib contractor
Cooley rib retractor
Cooley sternotomy retractor
Cooley suction tube
Cooley sump tube
Cooley tangential pediatric forceps
Cooley tissue forceps
Cooley U-sutures
Cooley valve dilator
Cooley vascular forceps
Cooley vascular tissue forceps
Cooley vena cava catheter clamp
Cooley vena cava clamp
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Roy and Mannie visited Michael de Bakey and Denton Cooley in Houston, and on returning to Durban, they performed the first aortic aneurysm surgery.
Pioneering efforts, which are most certainly noteworthy, like the first heart transplant by Christiaan Barnard, the trailblazing by Dr Denton Cooley and it is these practitioners who get the publicity again reinforcing the image of superiority.
Denton Cooley, a well-known cardiac surgeon, transplanted a mechanical heart for the first time to save a patient who was dying from heart failure.
1968 Denton Cooley of Baylor University College of Medicine transplants a heart from a 15-year-old girl into a 47-year-old man.
A separate preceding panel, containing a photograph of Cooley operating, stated: 'Denton Cooley is one of the pioneers of open heart surgery--further paragraph, then: 'In 1968 Cooley performed the first successful heart transplant in the United States and in 1969 became the first heart surgeon to implant an artificial heart in a human patient.'
In an article in the Science Times Section of the November 27 New York Times medical writer Lawrence Altman, MD, reported that two of the world's most famous and successful heart transplant surgeons - Michael DeBakey, MD, and Denton Cooley, MD, have reconciled after a 40-year feud fueled by Cooley commandeering an artificial heart developed by DeBakey and transplanting it into one of his own patients.
Doyle also tells of a few of the intrepid, talented, passionate and compassionate scientists and doctors who have studied and fixed broken hearts, from Claudius Galen to Denton Cooley to Dave McIrvin, the pediatric cardiologist who treats Liam.
The American surgeon Denton Cooley implanted a plastic heart designed by the Argentine-born American Domongo Liotta.
This series showed that it can safely support patients to transplantation," commented Denton Cooley, MD, also from the Texas Heart Institute, in an accompanying editorial.