dental record

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den·tal rec·ord

(dentăl rekŏrd)
Electronic or hard copy of all patient information and documentation kept on dental patients.
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7 Dental Record Keeping Guidelines, April 2013, College of Dental surgeons of British Columbia.
Under the measure, all public and private elementary and secondary schools shall be required to have a database of their students medical and dental records upon the students entrance in schools.
As part of the audit process, the dental record audit NCO would recheck the patient encounter to ensure the corrections were made.
Table VI illustrates where respondents reported receiving information about dental record keeping procedures.
According to Pozgar (2004), there are many advantages and disadvantages of computerized dental records.
During an investigation, it had been discovered that the dentist and her surgery nurse had, in fact, made up dental records dating back to 1998 by consulting the surgery day book.
The Office for National Statistics looks at the state of the country's teeth every 10 years and the latest survey among 6204 adults shows a "marked improvement" in the nation's dental record.
More than 20,000 people a month are being de-registered in Greater Glasgow which has the worst dental record in the UK.
Police officials said no fingerprints and dental records can be used to identify the decomposed body.
But dental records and DNA testing proved the body was not that of the Mr Power, who owned the Ramada Park Hall Hotel in Goldthorn Park, Wolverhampton.
Police said he had no dental records, had not been to a doctor's since 2003 and had no known family.
Coroner Martin Clavet's 47 reports revealed most who died had to be identified through DNA samples and dental records.