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Influ- ence of tab and disk design on shade matching of dental porcelain.
Indirect composite materials have been occasionally used as an alternative to dental porcelain when use of the porcelain is contraindicated.
Coverage includes the history of metal-ceramic restoration; dental porcelain chemistry; casting alloys for bonding to dental porcelain; metal-ceramic substructure design; spruing, investing, and casting; how dental porcelain bonds to metal; preparation of the metal substructure for porcelain; applying porcelain to the metal substructure; and adjusting and finishing the restoration.
Intended for clinicians, dentists, and oral surgeons, this international collection demonstrates how to incorporate orthodontics into contemporary management of the interdisciplinary esthetic dental patient, the periodontist's role in creating the ideal and esthetic smile, and the art and science of dental porcelain.
He retains the extensive technical data on dental porcelains and metal-ceramic alloys from the first two editions so the text can continue to serve as a reference for a array of dental products, materials, and instruments.