Denonvilliers fascia

rectoprostatic fascia

fascial layer extending superiorly from the perineal body to the floor of the rectovesical pouch of peritoneum, extending between and separating the prostate and base of the urinary bladder anteriorly from the rectum posteriorly and investing the seminal glands and ampullae of the ductus deferens; it is the male equivalent of the cardinal ligament in forming the middle or central lamina of the hypogastric sheath.
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De·non·vil·liers fa·sci·a

(dĕ-nōn[h]-vē-ā' fash'ē-ă)
Extension of endopelvic fascia covering anterior extraperitoneal rectum and lying between prostate and rectum; important landmark in radical prostatectomy.
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Charles P., French surgeon, 1808-1872.
Denonvilliers aponeurosis - a fascial layer that extends superiorly from the central tendon of the perineum to the peritoneum between the prostate and rectum. Synonym(s): rectovesical septum
Denonvilliers blepharoplasty
Denonvilliers fascia
Denonvilliers ligament - the localized thickening of the superior fascia of the pelvic diaphragm anteriorly that anchors the prostate and neck of the bladder to the pubis on each side. Synonym(s): puboprostatic ligament
Denonvilliers space
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