Morgan, D.B.

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D.B., 20th century U.S. dermatologist.
Dennie-Morgan fold - Synonym(s): Morgan fold
Dennie-Morgan line - Synonym(s): Morgan fold
Morgan fold - a double infraorbital fold seen in many atopic patients. Synonym(s): Dennie-Morgan fold; Dennie-Morgan line; Morgan line
Morgan line - Synonym(s): Morgan fold
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Features on examination that suggest AR in infants include: facial appearance (allergic facies); pallor; Dennie-Morgan lines; mouth-breathing; tongue thrusting; a pale, wet and swollen nasal mucosa; serous otitis media; and atopic dermatitis (often present).
For example: When the eyes are rubbed too much, they can develop lines called Dennie-Morgan lines, or a darkness called "raccoon face".