Charles Clayton, U.S. dermatologist, 1883-1971. See: Dennie-Morgan fold, Dennie line.
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After about five minutes, I could tell these two apart,'' says Dennie Gordon, director of their new movie, ``New York Minute.
Dennie Gordon--a well-traveled episodic TV director whose features credits include the Amanda Bynes teen pic "What a Girl Wants"--employs lots of zooming camerawork and music attempting to create a kind of frenetic energy, which has become almost a prerequisite for such fare.
THE EXTRAS: Audio commentary by Bynes and director Dennie Gordon as well as additional scenes.
This programme, which centres on conmen, features Daniel Riordan, also known as Dennie, who has a talent for swindling money out of strangers.
The editors would like to thank our Editorial Assistant, Pamela DaGrossa, and our Web Production Editor, Dennie Hoopingarner, for making this opportunity a reality.
A long ball from Dennie sent Maskrey racing clear into the box.
In later years he and <IR> JOSEPH DENNIE </IR> operated under a dual pen name, Colon and Spondee, and became the first American columnists.
com is a great place to start because it has more than 40 million members which really increases the odds of finding the person you are looking for," says relationship expert Dennie Hughes.
The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) named Ivan Dennie as its events manager.
Dennie McGarry joins Zen Planner to help new members implement and use the fitness studio software, whether they have previously used a competitive product or are new to business management tools.
Special awards for services to boxing went to Michael Watson's veteran former trainer Bob Paget and, posthumously, to well-known fight figure Dennie Mancini - one of the world's leading cuts men who died last month.
Dennie Mancini, one of the most respected figures in British boxing, died yesterday aged 70 following a heart attack.