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Queiroz and Equus africanus asinus Linnaeus; C) Scheme of the experimental model for data record: a) Granier sap flow-sensors, b) barbed wire, c) automatic dendrometers, d) dattalogers, and e) damage caused by E.
Daily cycles of changes in the stem volume: measurements in Rekyva, Aukstuma and Kereplis (a), the averages of the cycles of the stem volume and the distribution of daily mean temperature measured using dendrometers (b), daily cycle of the stem volume defined by other authors (King et al.
Most studies of growth responses to permanent flooding have used dendrometer bands, tapes or calipers to measure diameter growth (Conner and Day, 1976; Mitsch and Ewel, 1979; Keeland, 1994), but long-term data sets on tree growth are difficult to obtain using these methods.