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Soler said sustained exposure to dim light led to significant reductions in a substance called brain derived neurotrophic factor - a peptide that helps maintain healthy connections and neurons in the hippocampus - and in dendritic spines, or the connections that allow neurons to "talk" to one another.
Joel Soler, the lead author of the study and a doctoral graduate student at the university, explained this happened because of a causal link between the intensity of light and two things, one called the brain derived neurotrophic factor and the other called dendritic spines.
Formation of PSD-95 clusters was synchronized with the formation of dendritic spines (Fig.
Without sufficient sleep, the dendritic spines that receive signals sent by one brain cell to another were reduced in density and length in a specific region of the hippocampus, restricting the animals' ability to consolidate memories.
Stanley, a graduate student in the lab, revealed that neurons in the mutant mice had decreased numbers of dendritic spines, an important part of the synapses that neurons use to communicate with one another.
In this study in an experimental model of epilepsy in mice, the compounds prevented seizures and their damaging effects on dendritic spines, specialized structures that allow brain cells to communicate.
53) A general characterisation of structural plasticity in the brain's reward circuitry describes altered dendrite branching or arborisation and changes in the density or morphometry of dendritic spines.
Usually, these docking sites--knobs called dendritic spines, which receive messages from other nerve cells--become scarcer with age.
The optogenetic treatment helped the neurons re-grow small buds called dendritic spines, which form synaptic connections with other cells.
reversal of PCP-induced loss of dendritic spines in the frontal cortex (15)
Morris water maze test was evaluated; immunofluorescent histochemistry was used to identify astrocytes activation, and immunofluorescent dendritic spine analysis was used to identify the dendritic spines morphological characteristics expression levels in hippocampus.
The engrafted cells protected the host neurons, thereby preventing the loss or promoting the repair of damaged neurons and their finer structural elements, referred to as dendritic spines.