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(dem'on-strā'tŏr, -tōr),
An assistant to a professor of anatomy, surgery, or other discipline, who prepares for the lecture by dissections or collection of patients, or who instructs small classes supplementary to the regular lectures; a demonstrator corresponds in a general way to the Dozent in a German university.
[L. de-monstro, pp. -atus, to point out]
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A light in the darkness: A girl hands out yellow ribbons against the Article 23 law at the July 9th protest that drew thousands of demonstrators to a candle-light vigil outside Hong Kong's legislative chambers.
Chaos ensued as demonstrators began running indiscriminately in an attempt to evade the onrushing troops that began closing in on us.
It was that constant presence that also infuriated demonstrators and led to widespread allegations of police infringement on their constitutional right to free assembly.
Virtual Communication solutions are introduced at prices starting at $3900 for Virtual Presentations and $8900 for Virtual Demonstrators.
The Midnight Special Legal Collective, which provided legal support for the demonstrators, reports that one protester had three ribs broken during his arrest.
This is a major victory for the pro-life community and removes a cloud that has been hanging over pro-life demonstrators for years," said Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel of the ACLJ, who served as Counsel of Record for Operation Rescue in the case.
The reporter of the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / said that the demonstrators uprooted the outside door of the building of the Governorate, and entered a number of them to the yard of the building, and went out without entering into the building.
On Saturday, one protester was killed and five others wounded as demonstrators clashed with police in the village of Ashehir, in the southeastern region of Hadramut, witnesses said.
A reported 200,000 demonstrators came out to what was, for the most part, a peaceful rally, featuring lots of singing, tie-dyed sandalistas, and Kumbaya vibes.
After the rally at CNN, demonstrators returned through Hollywood's storied streets, marching to Hollywood and Vine, where for more than two hours protesters peacefully faced off with police in riot gear, some mounted on horses.
REDUNDANT Tupperware demonstrators were last night told the party was not yet over after a sales company offered them new jobs.
PULSERS aims to develop innovative ultra wide band (UWB) radio technology and solutions ranging from technology developments through to fully working demonstrators and prototypes.