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Advertisers in general are getting really excited about the potential of emerging online communities like Foldera because they provide a very cost-effective method of reaching highly desirable and traditionally elusive demographic groups.
All demographic groups were hit hard by the recession.
The trial is being split into portions conducted in Australia and in the United States to cover all required demographic groups.
Facilitated by John Heithaus, managing partner at Certified Closing Network, the panelists cited Baby Boomers, immigrants, senior citizens, Echo Boomers and international buyers as major demographic groups that, over the past few years, have been putting more money into the market--a sign that they deserve more specific attention.
The authors provide a simple labor supply model in which heterogeneity in family preferences can account for cross-country variations in the level and the dynamics of employment rates of demographic groups.
In its conclusion, Reading at Risk said, "The accelerating declines in literary reading among all demographic groups of American adults indicate an imminent cultural crisis.
The report suggests marketers must develop alternative areas and reach out to diverse demographic groups including both the men's market and the ethnic market.
Although no statistical tests were performed to evaluate the significance of variations, the proportions appeared to be higher among some demographic groups than among others: 19% of men vs.
It's simply an effort on the filmmakers' part to hit the largest number of demographic groups possible.
To better quantify health benefits associated with implementing Best Available Control Technologies (BACT) for reducing emissions, Jonathan Levy and colleagues have developed a model to estimate health benefits for different demographic groups across small-scale geographic areas.

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