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(1) Un-deploying The removing or forbidding of military troops or activity in a particular zone in an occupied region
(2) De-weaponisation The detoxification of organophosphate type nerve agents and other chemical weapons, e.g., with enzymes
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If Pakistan also advances, demilitarization of politics elsewhere in the Islamic world might not be far behind.
The demilitarization area includes San Pablo, a river town of 12,000 people, where paramilitaries started taking over a year ago.
Kiplagat provided the participants with compelling examples of the development and demilitarization linkages described in a roundtable briefing document.
Moving well beyond the theme of aristocratic demilitarization, Hanlon provides a complete military history of Italy in the later sixteenth through eighteenth centuries, with thorough explorations of the militaries of Spain, Austria and France as these operated in Italy or employed Italians abroad.
Militarization and Demilitarization in El Salvador's Transition to Democracy.
Even if their proposal is challenged and discredited--as it assuredly will be--by their successors who now guard the martial flame, there is a truly compelling argument to be made that denuclearization--the emptying of nuclear arsenals, the neutralization of nuclear technology and know how, the ultimate rejection of Cold War "nukethink"--will be a necessary precondition to the universal demilitarization that logically must precede lasting global peace and security.
Army's chemical demilitarization public affairs program have initiated projects and activities aimed at increasing public trust.
And the leaders of the three Bosnian communities have at least signed accords calling for demilitarization and a negotiated settlement.
However, Hall presented a suggestion on how to get the money without disturbing the rest of the science budget: Abrogate the Japanese Defense Treaty, under which since 1945 the United States has guaranteed the defense of Japan in return for Japanese demilitarization.
I would like to thank Congress for understanding the plight of the Filipinos,' Duterte said in a speech at the Philippine Army headquarters in Taguig City during the demilitarization of weapons seized during the Marawi siege.