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(1) Un-deploying The removing or forbidding of military troops or activity in a particular zone in an occupied region
(2) De-weaponisation The detoxification of organophosphate type nerve agents and other chemical weapons, e.g., with enzymes
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Drapeau/Juneau reinforce the demilitarization curse when they advocate that military justice should be one with civilian justice.
The opening sentences of Stephanie Trombley Averill's essay, "Demilitarization and Democracy in the Post-World War II World," evokes what seems a distant historical era when it was "axiomatic" that democracies did not begin wars, and the words demilitarization and democracy were synonymous (p.
The cable also noted that this position on the issue "is reflected in the Foreign Ministry as well." India would not make a deal on demilitarization without Pakistan signing a map laying out Indian and Pakistani troop positions before withdrawal.
Three cases before the country's increasingly assertive Supreme Court promise to take Pakistan from the phase of demilitarization to a system in which meaningful checks can be exercised on those who wield power.
The first is the program/policy area where we work with OSD (the Deputy for Chemical/Biological Defense and Counter proliferation in DDR&E) and the Deputy Assistant to the Secretary of the Army for Chemical Demilitarization. This group sponsors periodic executive roundtable meetings which provide an update on major program areas.
It is time for the United States and Japan to push for demilitarization and decolonization so everyone can achieve true security.
Twelve essays explore issues of demilitarization and the governance of security within the context of today's political realities of globalization and the waning of the Westphalian state system.
The Munitions Items Disposition Action System (MIDAS) was created by the US Army Defense Ammunition Center to provide a database of demilitarization and disposition information for unwanted munition items.
Talks on demilitarization of Siachen have been going on with Pakistan for at least 10 years without any real progress, with the sticking point being India's stand that demilitarization could be put into reality only after both sides authenticate their positions on the map.
The Uribe government opposes many conditions the FARC requires for talks, like the demilitarization of the highlands around the area of Pradera in southern Colombia.
Between his last term as president and the recent election campaign, Arias nurtured his Arias Peace Foundation, which promotes the demilitarization of society, as Costa Rica has done, and traveled globally speaking about human rights.