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The enzymatic removal of methyl groups.
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These findings suggest that IL4 promoter demethylation was associated with Th2 polarization in the offspring in response to maternal N[O.
The demethylation of SHP-1 promoter 2 may thus play an important role in the pathogenesis of psoriatic skin lesions.
For example, targeted DNA demethylation in human cells can lead to substantial increase in the expression of endogenous human genes (Maeder et al.
Furthermore, we have demonstrated that hypoxia stabilizes oxygen sensor hypoxia-inducible factor 1[alpha] (HIF1[alpha]), which associates with NICD to enhance transcriptional activity of RBP-J[kappa], enhances Nfia expression, leading to the demethylation of astrocytic genes in mgNSCs (Fig.
DNA demethylation often has been related to temperature induction or stress, such as Arabidopsis, maize, Antirrhinum majus and wheat (Steward et al.
Removing the methyl tags from the DNA, called demethylation, is a central part of achieving pluripotency and wiping epigenetic memory.
Structure-activity relationship studies suggest that demethylation of 10-methoxy to the 10-OH forms colchicine and destroys activity.
They cause demethylation of C-14 during ergosterol biosynthesis leading to accumulation of C-14 methyl sterols.
The manipulation of these CpG islands through methylation or demethylation is instrumental in regulating gene expression for a number of processes in the brain, particularly the maintenance and consolidation of long-term memory.
Homocystein is a nonessential amino acid containing sulfur that is formed by demethylation pathway of the methionine, which is dependent on vitamins (folate, vitamin B12 and vitamin B6) as cofactors or cosubstrates.