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DELOSPERMA NUBIGENA THIS South African succulent has dazzling yellow flowers that remain over a long period.
Other succulents to consider: some Delosperma (ice plants), especially D.
With the proper growing media at two to four inches, hardy succulents like Sedum and Delosperma species do well.
The roof plantings include a combination of low-maintenance, drought-resistant specimens such as sedums, chives, hen and chickens - a species of succulent plant - and ice plants, also known as Delosperma.
The vegetation planted consisted of succulent, sedum, and Delosperma species.
en el piso termomediterraneo Cyperus involucratus Madagascar C, T, G, P Ambientes humedos en el piso termomediterraneo Cyrtomium falcatum Paleotropical C, P, T Ambientes rupestres, en los dominios potenciales del monte verde Cytisus scoparius Europa G, T Matorrales, pastos y central y orlas boscosas en el meridional area potencial del monte verde Delosperma Capense T Muros y terraplenes brunnthaleri Sur de Africa en los dominios potenciales del monte verde Drosanthemum T Muros y terraplenes hispidum en los dominios potenciales del monte verde Einardia nutans Australia T, P Muros, terraplenes, etc.
In the Namib, almost all the seeds of Delosperma pergamentaceum (Aizoaceae) germinate at the same time.
Delosperma sutherlandii THIS perennial ice plant looks very exotic, and so should after all it is a South African native.
In recent trial plantings in Denver, Kelaidis has found more than 30 new species of Delosperma that are winter hardy in zone 2B.
Sempervivums are cold-hardy in all zones, as are many sedums and some Delosperma (ice plant).